FINALLY!! How to integrate BCM and MOA with different languages



After years searching for a solution to integrate my Brazilian version of
Microsoft Office Outlook Business Contact Manager with the US version of
Microsoft Office Accounting database, and just receiving the famous "Collate"
error, I've finally found a work arround solution:

- Remove only the BCM that came with your original Office package;
- Download the US trial version of the Office Professional 2007 with
Business Contact Manager ( );
- The result are 2 files. Forget the main installation file, the second one
is the BCM installation file. Run it;
- Now you will have an Office in your native language, but with a Business
Contact Manager in English (that don't expires);
- After all dam reboots, run your Office Accounting and do the integration
procedure. Finally, no more Collate errors, the integrations runs smooth!

Hope you have same luck!
Sergio Vila
(e-mail address removed)


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