First internship importance

Oct 31, 2012
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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and just looking for some advice.

I have 8 classes left for my Bachelors of Accountancy and a 3.1 GPA and 3.56 Accounting GPA. I plan on going for my 150 and CPA right after.

I have no accounting experience but I figure that is expected at this level. I am in Beta Alpha Psi but no strong leadership roles yet.

I know landing the "best" job after my 150 hours depends a lot on GPA and leader experience in school, but also how much do internships play a role?

I want to go public and get into audit and have two different opportunities for the spring.
(could not get any B4 interviews or larger public offers)

One is a small local CPA firm, about 30 person staff. It would be mostly tax work but will get to do some auditing work and a more rounded experience of the public firm, along with a little bit of client interaction.

The other is an RIA, financial services firm. It is quite bigger with quite wealthy clients and national awards for its financial services side, it has a tax division which is what the internship would be. Just tax and nothing else.

Now if I wanted to later try and land an internship at a Large regional firm or possibly Big 4 as an audit would either of these play a role in getting me a job. Does prior internship experience play a big role? Is it all GPA or school leadership? If so does going to the smaller CPA firm outweigh going to a big RIA firm if I wanted to go into public after? Does it not really matter?

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