fixed assets...


M.Ali Demirci

we are buying and selling computer equipment like cpus, mainboard, monitors
we use some of these assets (like monitors, printers) for our company. Like
fixed asset.
Let's say there seems 8 monitors in our stock but we use 2 of them in our
company and will not sell in near future. so actual sellable stock is 6.

What action i have to do to change the actual stock level from 8 to 6 and to
see the 2 item in our firm?





I have experimented with this recently but i haven't actually put it into
practice. In the products and services page you can click on the top to
adjust the stock volumes. A window will appear with the list of yours
companies accounts. If you enter two monitors and select fixed assets or
similar depending on your business i think it should work. I run a
distribution business and was experimenting as we sell stock but also give
out free samples which need to be accounted for.

Hope this helps, i'm sure someone will confirm or correct me where
appropriate :)



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