fixed estimate and calculating profit.



I have searched and searched and can't find an answer.

I am trying to setup Quikbooks for a cabinet firms. They want to be
able to give an estimate (not broken down by item) for the overall job
and then invoice it for the overall job and calculate overall profit.
I know in the invoice how to group the items (so that costs can be
figured in) and have it not show the individual items (since they do
not want to figure out a per item mark up). So basically they want
to, for example, give an estimate for a kitchen of $20K. Then they
want the costs deducted and the graph and reports to show that profit.
Also they want the invoice total to stay steady at that $20K, even if
they go over the cost. So basically all I can figure is to create an
item in the group called profit which has to be manually updated as
costs are entered. Is there a way to automate this or remove the need
for that item

See quickbooks from what I can tell adds the cost and markup of items
and comes out with an invoice total. They want to start with an
invoice total and subtract cost and come up with profit and not have
to markup per item.

Thanks in advance for ideas.


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