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Hello. There's a Lottery that works in a chatroom: Leottery Chat. You
enter there and place your bet(s): 5 numbers from 1 to 32, trying to
match the secret numbers they have.
In 5 minutes the bets are stopped and the secret combination is
revealed. According to your matches, you earn:
If you guess 2 numbers of 5, 20cents
3 of 5, 120 cents
4 of 5, 15 dollars
5 of 5, 100 dollars
Every 10-15 minutes a new round for bets is open, and you may post up
to 10 bets per round.
You spend 5 cents per bet only. 100% bonus for your 1st deposit. All
your deposits receive some amount in bonus.
deposit: 3 dollars, unlike online casinos, that demand at least 40-50
dollars to join. No min. amount to request money, except the bonus.
Leottery Chat have a 3 level referral program. They pay 15% of your
direct referrals' bets for life, and 5% from your second and third
levels' bets. That info has been sent to registered users only.
Also 50c for every direct referral joined is paid and 20c for each of
second and third levels.
That's why I invite you to join my downline, for I'm gonna pay you a
50% of my earnings that come from you. It means that you'll save a
7.5% of your money. I'm richard0009 there. The program is in pre-
launch stage, so you do not have to fund your account yet, but you
join and invite others too. All transactions via Alertpay or
This way you won't have to reveal personal account or credit card
See the rules here: (temporary
Be lucky


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