For those of you who use Creative Solutions on a network...



This may be a network/computer issue or a software issue -- I'm not
sure, since I'm not a computer expert, but I'm just curious if either
of the following ever happens to you...

1) You've entered after-the-fact payroll, and when you go to the do the
bank rec, you notice that the cash amount coming out of the payroll
journal entry has changed for some odd reason and you have to
"regenerate" payroll to fix the problem. Anybody have a guess why this

2) Also, sometimes payroll checks or other checks seem to appear twice
or four times in the same bank rec for apparently no reason, when they
are only supposed to appear once. This means you have to manually
delete them out of the bank rec, and everything is then ok.

ANy way to tell if this is a network/computer issue vs software issue?


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