USA Form 4562 and S-Corp


May 4, 2012
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An 1120 S-Corporation return for 2011 was filed (paper version, not electronically) but the Form 4562 was not included, though a depreciation schedule for the company car (acquired and listed in 2010's 4562) was included in the return.

A.if this is a non-issue or does it need to be corrected? 4562 compulsory?
C.if yes, can this be fixed other than amending the return (such as forwarding the 4562 to the IRS with an explanatory note)? any of these steps needlessly raise flags, scrutiny, or the DIF and audit profile?
E.or am I worrying for nothing since preparer said she's always done it this way without issue. Said she only includes 4562 in years when new listed property is acquired?

Please everybody, weigh in with your thoughts and advice.


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