Former Employer Misreported 1099--Please Help!

Mar 14, 2008
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Boy, I'm hoping someone has an idea of what I can do here. I have a very serious problem and am about to lose my house over this issue.

I won't bother with all the details (unless someone asks,) but my wife and I were both let go last year from a local real estate company where I was a Realtor and she was the office manager, apparently because the owner, with whom I had an agreement to split commissions on all sales (just sales of his or mine) 50/50, wanted to not pay me commissions, shorting me possibly north of $100,000. (I did go to a few attorneys, but didn't have the money to pony up to put up a fight. That's a question for another day...)

When my 1099 was sent for 2007, the money reported was WAY over what I made and my wife and I believed that the sleezebag misreported payments made to us for several loans we made to his company as income to us. We sent him a registered letter demanding an accounting and the accounting that he provided had two very interesting features: 1. Whole series of entries were not identified by client name, while others were. My wife was the one doing the books and ALWAYS entered the name of the client. These entries appear to be doctored. 2. Another series of entries (that also don't have the client names) were made for two months after I was no longer employed there, as if I had been getting commission checks. I never received a dime after I was let go.

How do I fight this? I am completely out of cash and my credit cards are totally maxed--I can't afford a lawyer (or I would have sued him for the commissions in the first place and wouldn't be in this financial position.) Can he just get away with misreporting my income, forcing me to pay taxes on money I wasn't paid?

Please help and thanks in advance.

Best regards,



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