FPC/CFP qualification - anyone here studying / has studied?



Hi all,

I emailed a query last week to the CII about the costs of the Cert in
Financial Planning but they never got back to me. Does anyone know the full
cost (that is, when paying directly to the CII and just for the core manual
and exam)?

On the site, in one section it says:

"regardless of which study option you choose, there is a standard exam
entry fee per unit of:

.. £78 - all units except CF3 and CF4;

.. £47 - units CF3 and CF4."

It also goes on to list the price of the coursebooks alone. From this, I
would assume that my total cost would be:

2 coursebooks: £36 (all units except C3 & C4) and £24 (C3 & C4) = £60

Exams for C1, C2, C5 @ £78 each = £234

Exams for C & C4 @ £47 each = £94

TOTAL = £388

However, on the application form, it says that each "Coursebook plus exam"
is £109 (all except C3 and C4) plus £65 for C3 and C4, which would be a
total of £174 for the coursebook covering all units and all exams?

Can anyone who is studying the course please comment?




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