Free evaluation for an excellent accounting package


Steven Crowley


We have designed a very interesting Windows accounting package. Originally
a bespoke development for a national company in the UK, it was so successful
there that we realised it should become a commercial package. It replaced
various off-the-shelf packages with ease, and everyone who has used it over
the last 5 years has loved it. It certainly brought about major
efficiencies in the various finance functions that this company had, being
able to integrate with all of their systems (from spreadsheets to legacy dos

The software was designed and written by two accountants. We've used
several leading accounting packages over the past 10 years, and this is the
best and most flexible we've ever seen or used.

The software is free to download ( and comes
with a free 90-day evaluation.

I'd really appreciate your feedback!

Best regards

Steven Crowley


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