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Anybody have a suggestion on how to give away a gift card? Example: With a
purchase of $100 we give away a $10 gift card or a $25 gift card with a
purchase of $250. How can you ring this up on the same transaction? If you
assign $10 to the gift card it adds $10 to the invoice. You can't discount
or that assigns no value to the gift card. Any ideas?




Try setting up a tender that is for the ferr gift card. Or set one up a a
trade tender.


I believe the tag along item might work. But I'm not sure it that is
relevant to one specific item or if it would do the sale in general.

Jason Hunt

I recall seeing an article on the KB which describes this. Do a search for




We created a promotion that sounds similar to yours. To discount the gift
card without zeroing out the value, we created a new item that was just a
gift certificate discount. The "price" on the item was negative and the item
was set to non-taxable (otherwise you gave away sales tax too). We also
created a separate category for this item so we could easily remove it from

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