Free Subscription to Consent Marketing Software for Sunrise Partners


John Jones

I am looking for ten sunrise partners to use Contact Tiger's Web Site
Consent Contact management system during its sunrise launch phase. It is an
ideal tool for knowledge based businesses, software companies, management
consultants, accountants, lawyers etc to attract prospects and liaise with
clients and customers at all phases of the sales cycle.

What is it?

Contact Tiger provides an easily integrated set of web tools helping a small
to medium sized business web site gather email addresses from self
qualifying visitors (you can also add your own existing lists). It does not
need the services of a technical guru to install, and operate. It is more
than an email list, it is campaign driven with different types of delivery
services and your content grouped around sales campaigns. For example a
sales campaign can include an e-zine, file dispatcher and a series of emails
sent out in sequence, each giving an appropriate type of contact message.
Using it a typical web site can expect to gain 5 to 7000 contacts per year
by simply incorporating the system into their web site. Prospects are equal
partners in the process, having a control panel where they can schedule and
reschedule content delivery. Giving the prospect more control over what hits
their in-tray

At one level it is simply a comprehensive email dispatcher, but it is also a
sales productivity tool and a means of delivering such things as email
coaching and training courses - like some auto responders but initiated by
visitors through your web site. I have tried to make it a tool that
integrates your web site tightly into your sales functions.

What do you get?

Free use of the service during the sunrise launch period and for one year

What do I want?

You integrating the services into your web site and a prominent visible link
to Contact Tiger's front page on your front page. You must be the principle
for the product or service you promote on your web site. Your ongoing ideas
and suggestions for improvement as a user. Some tolerance from you while I
fettle and debug the system. Your acceptance of a footer with Contact
Tiger's mission statement on the messages sent out - no other advertising
will be appended. Your acceptance of a fair use policy while I tune the
systems load balancing capabilities - in simple terms this means no more
than 30,000 emails per month, I may ask you to do less than this.

How do I apply?

Please take a look at the site at and also view a site using
some aspects of the service at and
drop me an email, with the URL of your web site included, to: jj_web_nospam (remove the no spam part etc please)

John Jones



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