Function of backup folder in Quicken 2002?


Leonard Evens

I regularly backup my quicken files to floppy or zip disk. But I notice
that I also have a backup subfolder in the main Quicken folder. I
suppose it is possible I created it myself at one point to save some
files, but it has very recent files in it. Since I am not putting them
there myself, to the best of my knowledge, I wonder how they are getting
there. How safe would it be to periodically clean out that folder?

I am getting pretty tired of Intuit. I long ago gave up the hope of
telephone support. Basically it seeems it would cost $50 to have a
routine question answered. But now it seems to be impossible to get
access to their web based support. It takes forever for any page to load.

Is there any good alternative? And can other software read the quicken



Fred Smith

Regarding advice, your best alternative is this newsgroup. After that, it's
Quicken Help. Many of the questions people ask here are well covered in

You can delete the Quicken Backup directory any time you want. Just don't
look for recourse if you ever need the files in the future. Quicken
automatically creates the backups because not everyone is as diligent as you
in creating backups. You can control how many backups Quicken creates with
the Edit>Options>Quicken Program>General>Maximum Number of Backup Copies
setting. You can actually set it to zero by editing the Quicken.ini file.

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