Fund & Index Updates


Jim Shaw


I've seen a few posts about fund prices not being updated
correctly in Money's online updates. However at the same
time I am now getting UK indexes updated to values 100
times their correct value. FTS All Share quoted at 212222
rather than 2122.22. This has been happening since July

Are the two issues linked? (Incidentally, I don't even
get an error that the fund price can't be found just a
normal completion without an actual update to my fund

Sorry to be a pain but I'd appreciate:

1) an ETA on the fix (too).
2) some way to go back and get the correct fund
price/index values once the fix is in place.



PS: I'm using MS Money 2004.



Glyn Simpson, MVP

yeah, they are linked. The errors occur for people with versions up to 2001,
and 2002 versions and later silently do not give an error.

Can't give an ETA on the fix, but I know it's being worked on late into the
night each night.

The incorrect indexes can be manually changed - I'm not sure whether a fix
would be rolled against index values downloaded in the time of the fix, but
they might. The problem there is if they retrospectively do that, people who
have manually changed them might get their indexes made 100x too small, and
if you reinstall after the fix has been made available, and then download
the information about the fix, prices might not be in a state to want the
fix, nor, if this is a server fix only, would there be anything in the money
file to say the fix has been applied or not.

I would guess not, but as time goes on, there may be a requirement. BEcause
funds are not being downloaded at all, i guess they will suggest manual

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