Fund updates not working?


John Ion

I have just noticed that the online updates to all my funds have a last
updated date of 15th or 16th of July. Is anyone else having the same
problem? I'm using Money 2004 under XP Pro and have not had update problems
for several weeks now. (The last time was when there were the server

John Ion



Glyn Simpson, MVP

it;s the same for me. I'll drop a note to the money team to let them know
(if they don't already)


Ooops have just read your post after posting mine - same

AS a side issue did you upgrade to Money 2004 from a
previous version? If you did how are you finding 2004??
The reason I ask is that I am REALLY dissapointed with it
and wised I had not spent the money on the new product.
I find the usual day-to-day activities to be more
fidley / time consuming than previously and the Recurring
Bills admin page to be less user friendly. I also find
the portfolio functions (i.e. acessing the details page)
less useful thatn before, now you have to close it down
rather than just click 'back'.

Just asking, cloud_dog

John Ion

I can't really remember how my old 2002 version worked (upgraded 2002 to
2004). I remember that I was distinctly unimpressed by the number of
changes/improvements...all mainly cosmetic. However, I had access to a
(legal) copy of 2004 at a price I could not refuse so I upgraded.

Always remember that a trial version of the new version is available on the
UK Money site so you needn't commit to a purchase without knowing what you
get for your cash.





Hi Glyn

The FUNDS FEED still seems not to be working - is there
anybnews on when it will be?

-----Original Message-----
You could try the Money feedback form at
or use the MSN feedback at display=form. Not sure
which is the best one though

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

Check scid=fh;EN-GB;mny
for UK tips and fixes for MS Money. To send Microsoft your wishes or
suggestions, use
or especially
if it's a UK specific wish.

I do not respond to any unsolicited email regarding Money,
but all that

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