Gainskeeper and Money 2004



I saw a post that a year's subscription to is
included with one of the Money 2004 versions. After going to the
GainsKeeper site, apparently they don't allow you to import historical
transactions into their system without those counting against a pre-set
number of trades/year. Gainskeeper has two levels of subscription - oOne
that allows 100 trades per year for $49.00 annually and another that offers
1000 trades per year for $149.00.

In my money file I have over 2000 investment transactions dating back to
1995. From the looks of it, this would require me to sign up for the
$149.00 service and pay an additional $198.00 for an extra 2 "trade buckets"
of 500 trades apiece. This would just cover the entry of my historical
data - not trades going forward for the year.

Can anyone who has purchased Money 2004 and tried integrating with
Gainskeeper confirm if this behavior is also true with the integration with
Money? If so, it would seem to someone limit the value of this integration
unless you're willing to pay through the nose for setting it up.



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