General network error encountered

Discussion in 'Microsoft Accounting' started by Imgreat, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Imgreat

    Imgreat Guest

    When trying to open my company or the sample company, I receive the following
    error message: "General network error encountered, connection to DB has been
    either turned off or server is not reachable. Please shut down application
    and try to log on again". The interesting thing is that my file is not on a
    server but on my hard drive.
    Please give me a solution for this problem.
    Imgreat, Jun 27, 2007
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  2. Imgreat

    Nick Guest


    Have you already had the software installed and data in your company?

    I will assume that you are using Office Accounting 2007 and have default
    instance names.

    What you will want to check are your SQL settings. Go to Start > Run >
    Services.msc and makse sure that you have one that says SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ)
    and that it is running.

    If that isnt the problem, go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office >
    Office Accounting Tools > Data Utilities. Once you are there, click on the
    Settings tab and make sure that your Instance name is set to MSSMLBIZ.

    After that, go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL server 2005 >
    Configuration Tools > SQL server Configuration Manager. Click the plus sign
    next to SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration, then click on Protocols for
    MSSMLBIZ. Double click on the TCP/IP protocol and then select the IP Address
    tab and ensure that there is nothing in the TCP Dynamics Ports option and
    that the TCP port is set to 5356.

    Next you will want to go to your companies .sbc file (default location at
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Small Business
    Accounting\Companies) and right click it and open with Note Pad. There
    should only be two lines in this file, the first one should say
    "database=YOURDATABASE" under that, it should say

    Hope that helps

    Nick, Jun 28, 2007
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  3. Imgreat

    Nick Guest

    Nick, Jun 28, 2007
  4. this the message I receive when trying to go to microsoft office accounting 2007 it worked for me when I shut the pc down ,next day it says,,, General network error encountered.
    Connection to DB has been either turned off or server is not reachable.
    Please shut down application and try to log on again.
    Hankbreu breuk, Mar 30, 2011
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