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Rudi Vanhaecke

Every once in a while you need to get back to the basics. The basics of every website business is traffic. Everyone needs some kind of traffic to promote their businesses effectively. A solid source for free traffic today is using Start Pages. Start Pages are the pages you see when you open your browser. You get credit when you view someone else's page when you open your browser, in return your page is shown on someone else's browser. It is a simple and free concept. When you combine it with the power of building a downline it can be explosive. This is a concept you should learn and share with your downline so everyone can benefit from the traffic.
After you set up the following system you will have some traffic coming to your web page. Start thinking about how to make the most of that traffic. If you are a beginner the page you want to drive your traffic to should be your SFI free affiliate page or SIM page. As you become more net marketing savvy you should drive people to a page that will capture a name and email address. With a name and an email address you have more bites at the preverbal apple. In the next issue I will teach you how to combine your free traffic tactic with email capture.

So number 1 read the instructions below on generating traffic, then proceed with part 2 in the next issue on how to create a promotion to capture email addresses from the traffic you create. You will become a savvy internet marketer in no time using these two concepts that can be transfered to lots of different traffic building strategies.

PART 1: Using Start Pages Effectively!

There are many web sites popping up on the net that are known as TRAFFIC EXCHANGE programs or Surf For Hits programs. People become members of these sites with the goal of generating free traffic to their site.

===> The way it works is a no-brainer.

You visit another member's web site and in exchange someone visits the web site of your choice. Now, most of these programs work on a 2:1 ratio.

This means that for every two sites that you visit, someone else in that same Start Page program will visit your site.

Simple concept, isn't it?

The great thing about these programs is that you will receive GUARANTEED traffic to your site, without having to spend a dime!

One of the biggest benefits from these programs is the ability to develop a downline of people that will generate 1,000's upon 1,000's of click thru visits to your site over time! In other words, you receive credits for the credits they chalk up for themselves!

The people who use these systems are building up hits for their various programs as well so you know that they are in the market for something legit, solid and profitable. Often they can be tempted to look at something else if their's doesn't work out for them.

With the simple system I am going to share with you below, you will learn how to automatically build up your downlines (earning you more and more hits) in these exchanges..AND at the very same time build your SFI business.

1) Here is a list of the start page exchange programs that I have found to be the best for this system. Please join as many of these as you can (if you are already a member of some of these programs you can just use the URLs you already have. ) You can also add any program you
like if I don't have it here.

2) There will be two URLs for each Start Page program:

One of these you use as your start page and...

The other is the "Referral URL" that you use to promote the Start Page program itself, so that you can build up a downline in that and earn extra hits from everyone below you.

When you join these programs make sure that you keep all the "Welcome emails" that they send you. Contained within them you will have the two URL's I mentioned above, plus the login details for each program.

3) Join this free web site rotator

4) Cut and paste all your StartPage "Referral URLs" into the appropriate areas in your Tpmrotator's member's area. I recommend only using about 5 at a time so that they get maximum exposure.

5) Now go back into the member's areas of all the Start Page programs and set them so that all the free hits you'll receive go to your TPM Rotator URL.

When you put your TPM rotator URL in as the page to drive traffic to you will begin to create a network of people who join these traffic programs. As they join these programs you will receive more and more traffic. After a couple of weeks reset the start page back to your page of choice.

Even without any referrals, working 7 or more Start Page exchanges at once using this method allows you to generate a large amount of traffic to your web site.

This is a free traffic tool that you can use as an add on to your marketing program.

Rudi Vanhaecke
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