Ghost Security in Account?



I have a Fidelity account with 2 holdings. I do an update in Money Plus and
then look at the downloaded statements. The first screen shows my two
holdings reported by the broker that match what I have in my Money
statement. I click Next.

I get a message that says "The positions reported on the m/d/y statement do
not match those in your security account. The details report a Security
that I do not own with account = 0 and statement = nnnnn. The reported
statement amount is the same as one of the two securities in the account
that were reported correctly in the previous screen. The security symbol is
not listed in the dialog.

I click no to not update my account and it goes away until the next update.

If I click update it will add nnnnn shares of the listed security (which is
always the same) which I then have to remove manually.

Any advice on how to stop this error?




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