Gift Cards & Gift Certificates



I'm currently using the RMS voucher system for gift certificates. These are
paper certificates I sell for a variable value which the buyer can give to
sombody for redemption. Once they are used up, they are over. I understand
Gift Cards extend this idea.

How do you setup, sell, redeem and renew Gift Cards.

Another part of this is where do you get Gift Cards?





Go to the knowledge base on customer source and search on "Gift Card", it
pulls up quite a few related articles.



Glenn Adams

GiveX has a Gift card program that's integrated with RMS -

The main benefit of GiveX over the RMS Voucher System is that GiveX will
work for multi-store- vouchers are tied to the store where they were issues.

It sounds like your after gift cards more for the card form factor rather
than any added functionality. You can actually 'recharge' a voucher in
RMS - there's a document in the knowledge base that details how to do it.

As far as getting cards, a google search for 'pre-printed gift cards'
returns many results, including

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