Gift Receipts


Greg Williams

I already know about the way to print gift receipts on the 2nd printer but
that isn't going to work some merchants as they use the second printer in
Store Ops to print full page receipts for customers with accounts.

I was at Target and saw an interesting way that they handle their gift
receipts. You get one, long receipt and at the bottom is a gift receipt.
You can cut the receipt along the dotted line and then you have a gift
receipt as well as the detailed receipt.

Would it be possible to create a receipt format for RMS that does this?



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

Yes, it would be similar to the Credit Card Slip that prints on Signature
Required. If you have the Gift Receipt template from Customer Source, you
would just need to rename it's functions and copy them into receipt.xml,
then call them after the regular receipt and card slip are printed. That's
probably over simplified, but should give you the gist...

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