Glenn can you see if you can help me.



Hi Glen

I have been working with Crystal Reports.

I have match the RegAnaly.rpt to the Z-Reading in RMS 1.2
and works Great. I have linked Crystal to Excel and I
import all my RegAnaly.rpt Total to it and the balance all
my registers and print my bank deposit slips all from

I have been trying to Get the TimeCard Report to print a

It not guite working like I would like it to work.

If I send you what I got could you take a look and see
where I maybe going wrong.

I really would appreciate.

Thanks Ralph



Glenn Adams

Sorry, Crystal isn't really my thing. There is a time card Active Report
in the Reports Library on Customer Source though - it's not formatted like
the Crystal version, but may give you the data you need, especially if
you're going to reformat it in Excel anyway.

There's a slight bug in the posted version - it only displays the
punchin/out date - no time... to fix this, open the report in a text
editor, and search for CONVERT - there's a parameter in the convert
command that's set to "101" - change it to "100" and the time will be

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