Goichberg and "per diem" Allowances



chessoffice said:
Regarding receiving zero in per diem allowances,
Sam is correct... because per diem allowances were discontinued by the
board several years before.

Bill Goichberg
I am challenging this statement. No such thing occurred. Remember that
the entire thread on this subject started with my complaining that
Grant Perks as CFO awarded more than $7500 in per diem allowances in
2005. Thus, if such a thing happened, it had to happen after 2005.

Also, Goichberg's statement is disingenuous for two reasons:

First, the fact that Goichberg does not claim per diem allowances is
not because he is saving the federation money. Rather, it is because
Goichberg is not entitled to them. It is well established that per
diem allowances are for "away from home travel". However, Goichberg
does not have a permanent home. Therefore, he is never "away from
home". Goichberg travels constantly, staying at cheap motels and
eating at restaurants. He does stop occasionally at his mother's house
in Mt. Vernon, but that is only for a brief stay. The February 2-3,
2007 Executive Board meeting in Arcadia, California is a typical
example. Since he was already staying at a nearby motel, it would have
been improper for him to charge the USCF for "per diem" allowances.

Secondly, even if the other board members did not seek per diem
allowances, they did make itemized demands for reimbursements for
meals and other expenses. Joel Channing, who got elected by claiming
to be a man of great wealth, notoriously charged the USCF for every
cup of coffee he drank while on the board. Channing ran up the biggest
expense account of any board member.

During my one year on the board, I never asked for reimbursement for
meals or other expenses. There was only one time that I asked for
reimbursement. That was when the board directed the office not to
provide me with transportation to my first board meeting in Chicago in
August 2006. Goichberg and Channing were hoping that I would not have
the funds to make it to the meeting in Chicago and therefore would not
be seated on the board, so they specifically instructed Pat Knight not
to make any arrangements for me to travel to attend the meetings in
Chicago. Therefore, I had to rent a car at my own expense and drive
from New York to Chicago. I later asked for reimbursement for the car
rental fee. As to the other board meetings in Stamford Connecticut,
Los Angeles, Stillwater, Oklahoma and Cherry Hill NJ, I never asked
for reimbursement for my expenses, but the other board members with
the exception of Bill Goichberg did. That is why my expense allowance
was lower than anybody else's.

Now, I am stating that Bill Goichberg's statement above "per diem
allowances were discontinued by the board several years before" is not
true. Under the rules, Bill Goichberg is required to prove this
statement. Until he has proven this statement, under the rules he is
not allowed to post here. I am very serious about this. I am tired of
certain very privileged persons being allowed to make false statements
to the USCF Issues Forum and getting away with it.

Sam Sloan


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