Good Moring


John Baker

A retired man applied for and starts a job at a retailer, as a greeter. Every day he arrives on time and punches in.
Shortly after finishing his second week, he's called into the manager's office for a talk.
"How are you getting along with our associates?" Asks the Manager. "The reason for me asking is I've received complaints that you're not arriving 15 minutes early like everyone else, to received instructions for the day. So, from here on out, I'd like to you arrive 15 minutes early, receive your instructions, then punch in."
The retired gentleman leaves the manager's office, and goes to work as a greeter.
Another week goes by and the retired gentleman gets a call to go to the store manager's office again. It's the same meeting that he had before, but this time the meeting has a more serious tone to it.
"Ok, look," The manager starts off with. " Where you were before you retired, somebody, somewhere must have approached you and said something before you started your day - DIDN'T THEY! "
The retired gentleman smiled and said, "Why, yes, I was asked something before I started my day."
"Well, what was it? " Demanded the store manager.
The retired gentleman responded with," They said, good morning admiral, can I get you a coffee sir?"

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