Goods Sent From Other EU Country - What Type of Sale??



Ronald Raygun said:
Michael said:
Just out of curiosity, if the trader was not resident in another EU
country, but was instead based [outside the EU], I wonder how things
would be affected in this scenario?

Upon entry to the UK, the auctioneer has not bought the goods, and the
goods have not actually been sold to anyone. In such a scenario,
would it be possible for HMCE to charge the VAT/duties to the trader

Or is the recipient of goods into the UK (from outside the EU) always
responsible for the UK VAT?
It would tend to be either the carrier or the recipient, acting as
agent for the owner. Getting involved in sending tax bills abroad,
and locking up the goods in a warehouse until the tax is paid, is
more hassle than HMCE would wish to be involved in, I'd have thought.

Remember, the tax is due on import, even with no change of ownership.
If you bring your Channel Islands registered yacht into the UK, you
have to pay VAT on it.
Oh, I see. So usually when someone imports goods into the UK the
courier handles the payment of the VAT to HMCE, and then simply
forwards a bill to the recipient of the goods, to cover carriage, any
expenses and the UK VAT.

So, perhaps in the scenario outlined above maybe the courier could
perhaps pay the UK VAT / duty as usual to HMCE, but instead send the
bill for the carriage, expenses, duty and the UK VAT to the *sender*
instead. So, this would be something which, perhaps, could be worked
out between the trader (the sender) and the courier.

And therefore preventing the auction house from receiving a
VAT/carriage bill for goods which they did not seek to import


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