Grocery Store with Deli Counter



Is RMS able to handle barcodes printed from a scale(ie Deli meats) of items
that are weighed? If so what type of scale/barcode should I use?
Is there anything special that needs to be setup in RMS to be able to do






We are a grocery store with a deli dept.

Yes RMS can handle barcodes printed from a scale, we are
using Random weight UPC codes printed from our Hobart
Quantum scales. You can use "random weight EAN codes"
or "random weight UPC codes" the code you use will depend
on your scales capabilities and your needs in terms of max
total dollars or max weights that will end up on the
labels you print. Research both codes before you decide
(there are many configuration options with our scales).

Remember to go into "Configuration" in RMS Manager and
check either "Utilize random weight EAN codes" or "Utilize
random weight UPC codes". They are listed under the "POS
options" folder.

Also check KnowledgeBase article # 869705.




Hi, I am setting up RMS for a small meat market, and I am having the hardest
time with this. They have a Hobart scale that prints the labels with price,
price, weight, etc., but for the life of me I cannot get the proper way to
set it up, items, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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