Jan 31, 2014
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Background: Scorp/Reinstated to same general area of business

My partner is discussing bring on a partner (this is a concern for me)

salary pay versus paying by job
staying scorp versus llc
** prime concern - work trucks are in individuals names - leasing to individuals versus company owned
My husband is using the example of other businesses who have individuals who own their own trucks but the business they are leased to insures the vehicle.

I could use some feedback and liability concerns.

My greatest concern right now is there is no lease agreement (s). Individual at this point would be consistered a subcontractor. If individual has an accident this is a great liability.

I have spoken with someone (non-cpa) but has years of experience and has bachelors degree in accounting. They have also had their own business. Not sure that I have time now to shop around but need someone who has knowledge and can handle the bookkeeping part as I do not have spare time to get things in order and can move later if necessary.


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