hard pricing


Ed Welch

We are finally making the move from paper to computer in our in-house
accounting. We're in the tire business and have multi-level pricing
situations. We've pretty much decided on Peachtree Complete but there
is a question regarding costing method.

We need to be able to put in place a specific selling price on a
specific date. In other words, we don't need to have any averaging or
LIFO/FIFO pricing going on, but rather the hard prices that we put out
in a pricesheet. For example, we bought blue widgets in July for
$3.00, and some in August for $3.50, but when September gets here we
want to sell whatever is left of both batches for $5.00 each. How
would we go about setting up pricing for these?

I invision something like using Price Level One for our base price and
then adding percentages to that to arrive at our selling prices while
entering actual cost in "last unit cost" to keep the actual profit
picture correct. Am I on the right track?

Thanks from a rank newbie,
Ed Welch




Ed, it appears to me that you contemplate using the pricing formulas
available in PC which use cost as a basis for the format. That's OK, so if
you set level as a no-calculation field you may set the price manually. This
may be a pain if you have hundreds of item #'s that change frequently, but
shouldn't be a hassle otherwise. You can of course change the selling price
on your invoice form field without changing the maintenance files. BTW...
once the masterfile is set up for an item the only way to alter "last cost"
is to purchase the item, you can't plug it manually except when setting up
the item. Hope this is all "clear as mud"




SBT Bill

I think you are saying that you want to use a specific price per batch of each
line item that you sell. I.E. you want to know the profit on batch A, the
profit on batch B and so on. Also sounds like you are talking about pricing by
the batch. Peachtree will not handle that. You might want to look at Cougar
Mountain. On the other hand if I'm right why do you want to do that kind of

Bill Couture

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