Hell Has No Wrath Like the Fury of a ....


John Baker

A friend of our senior partner, was going through a rather lengthy divorce. In fact, it was down right dicey.
It was a Labor Day weekend and we all looked forward to a break. The secretary dropped off a note to some
of us to join him and his friend on his yacht for some deep sea fishing. I accepted and was really looking forward
to the trip.
Four of us carpooled to the marina and there was a beautiful 90 footer. This thing was equipped with all the
bells and whistles.
We started out, about a mile off shore and our host was an expert captain. We were catching some amazing
Blues, one after another. I was heading to the bait locker when off our port side, a Coast Guard patrol craft
was heading towards us at full speed.
The Coast Guard wasn't there for pleasure, they were packing and loaded. The officer on deck told us to
cease and shut down everything, prepared to be boarded. We complied and one of the boarding party
motioned for us.... "hands on your head."
Come to find out, the wife of our host, reported the yacht stolen from the marina. No matter what our
host said, did, we were all headed for a stay at the nearest Coast Guard station.
It seems that in the settlement of terms of the divorce, she got the yacht.... all 90 feet of it plus the bait
So, who ever came up with the phrase.... "Hell has no wrath like the fury of a women," knew exactly what
HE was talking about.


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