France Hello from Lyon, the gastronomic city

May 7, 2014
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Hello all,

True and fair view...

46 years old

Just set up as interim manager (please see my web site for more detail).

Coming from accounting then CFO and finally Factory Manager for US groups settled in France (FTE > 100).

I realize that I have disconnected from accounting matters even if the background is still here.

Regarding accountancy my center of interest is much much more oriented toward cost accounting. More globally, my centers of interests are business, marketing, strategy, production processes and related data, and people management.

Frankly very hard to jump back into accounting even if I have, finally, decided to take the last exam to get the so called DEC here in France (between now and June 2015 to close the job).

I need to take 3 examination components :

1- To make a written (called "mémoire") and present it to a jury - 100 pages (appendix on top) - Generally agreed time to spend is 500 hours...

2 - Get back into ethic and rules of the profession

3 - Make sure I'm still efficient as legal auditor

And this is probably the main reason why I join this forum.

Why in English ? Can I say for now that I'm just used to it and that I prefer ?

Why do I bother taking an exam ? Gaining more credibility through the diploma and getting the opportunity to buy shares, or takeover or whatever in this market which, I think, needs people with real day to day business management experience, in real operational companies. Advantage ? having seen the world from both sides.

We'll see what happens...


P.S. : In France 75% of CPA customers are ready to buy management advices from their CPA but they are still not seeing clearly the offer coming along. They are still seeing their financials 1 month and half after the closing date... at the opposite they seem to be swamp with talks about legal issues (tax, social...) from their CPA. Is it the same where you work ?



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Aug 26, 2011
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Welcome to the forum Herve, great to have you here :)

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