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Apr 21, 2020
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United Kingdom
As I am currently doing a report about about Cloud Accounting software, I am required to include accountant's opinion about this subject. Could anyone answer these four aspects? It doesn't need to be long. I just need any sort of quote to include in the report.

What cloud accounting software do you have experience with?
What do you use this software for specifically?
Advantages/disadvantages of cloud accounting software comparing to traditional accounting software (if you can point any)
Do you think it would be advantageous for the firms to switch to Cloud Accounting over traditional accounting software?

Many thanks


Werner Reisacher

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Jun 30, 2017
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Considering the present crisis we are going through and thinking about the future, the one issue that is on everybody's mind - seller or user - Social Distancing. This trauma will remain in everybody's mind and I am convinced that any and all equipment that can be controlled by remote control and online on various platforms will be given priority over solutions that depend on office infrastructure and personal interface.
I and all my colleagues have switched our Tax Filling services to online solutions. Customers send us their documents by electronic files, we prepared electronic documents that they can use to fill in their information and we download the content directly into our system. A short video call clarifies open questions and both, the filer and the accountant are happy not to be exposed. No more unnecessary car trips to the office, no more problems for clients not to know what to do with their young kids while they have to go to the office, no more customers coming unprepared and making others waiting for their time. We are actually more productive. A turning point in how we will do business in the future. And we, in turn, are linked to a "cloud Tax Filing and Payroll System". No hassle with equipment failure, software glitches, and back up issues.
Cloud accounting does not affect "accounting" it affects the need for infrastructures and the need to have knowledgable It staff at hand. It affects the mobility of how the system can be operated, (from home, by smartphone, on vacation) and it greatly improves the security issue related to data storage and computer down-time. And last but not least, unless the company's computer system is used by other departments that cannot switch over to a cloud, doing it online (cloud) is a no brainer for me.
But then, of course, you will always have those who will argue that having "the books in the clouds" is not compatible with the idea of taking personally care of their customer's confidential information. To them, change is a threat and unless they have full control, or at least the illusion to have full control over everything, they don't even consider a change.
And yes, I do have practical experience with "cloud systems" as a customer as well as a service provider in accounting, taxation, and insurance claims management in the logistics industry.


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