hello, this is my first post. I have the dmeo of Microsoft retail management
sofwtare and so far I like it. I run a retail store which sells all items
under $2.00. we use around 40 to 50 suppliers. Basically all i want to do is
be able to select a supplier from a list. see all the items they supply to we
buy from that supplier. pick the items id like. place a purchase order. and
when we recieve delivery recieve that purchase order and record my payment

So far Microsft Retail Management POS has provided that for me. but the
problem is for everythinbg to work i actually need to have point of sale
terminals intead of cah registers also i need to scan 100% of my inventory.

Im not looking for a POS system, buy after 4 months or trying out demo's I
liek Retail Management POS. I also checked out Microsoft Small Bussiness

my actual question is that does SMall Bussiness Finanancial let me see a
list in a po of items by suppliers just like POS software does?

In the POS i use CReate po by Supplier method. I haven't tried the demo of
bussiness finanacials so i dont know. can some one please comment on that?

Main thing I need is "Purchase order with items by supplier."

thank You in advance
SOrry if i made this long =0)




The PO functionality in Small Business Financials is more of entering and
selecting the items individually and adding into a PO.

While in RMS you have the PO Wizard to help you select all items by

You can have a report (smart list) in SBF that will help you see the items
by supplier.

Diviasoft, Inc

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