HELP! 1099's and Schedule C?

Apr 6, 2008
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I have a sole proprietership, an online retail business that carried a small inventory (strictly internet, no physical store other than home office). I've filed a Schedule C on for 6 years.

In late 2007 my business started to decline and I will take a loss for the 2nd consecutive year. As of 3rd qrtr '07 I will no longer be selling items online due to losses. My business category for tax purposes was 446190.

During 2007, while business was slow, I created some new websites. These are strictly entertainment or informative in nature, there are no sales. However, I have numerous advertisements on thes sites that have generated good income.

I received 1099's from the advertisers.

Should I claim this income using my original biz Schedule C or must I file a seperate schedule C and just leave the business name blank on that form.

I've asked numerous people and keep getting different answers. HELP!
(and thank you in advance)


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