Help!! Credit Card Transactions did not go Thru



We tried processing all of our credit transactions on the first day of
business but we had the information for the bank wrong. MS POS failed and
posted an error. Well, now it won't let us go back and re-process them. ANy
help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.




As long as you got authorizations then you can contact your credit
card processor and have them tell you the full credit card numbers and
expiration dates. Then you can redo all the sales transactions. I'm
not aware of any way to submit credit card charges without doing a
sales transaction. If you have a separate credit card machine then
you can try running the charges through it.



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

You should contact your reseller or open a support incident with MS for
help with this. I'm not sure how MSPOS handles this or what error it is
providing, but you may be able to get the batch back into a 'postable'
state. If this is possible at all, it would be very complex. Use a
support incident, that's what they are for...

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
(e-mail address removed)

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