Help decide upon RMS - info


Al in NYC

I was interested in RMS (possibly) but I’m surprised as to how tightly
controlled any detailed information is held. In order to get into most parts
of Microsoft’s website for this product, I need a special login that comes
only after buying the support, and even then it’s limited according to what
I’ve read in this newsgroup.
Specifically, I’d like to know what sort of customizations can be made for
RMS. I read that there’s a customization guide and possibly source code (that
I’d find hard to believe) that’s available to some of you. If someone
(preferably a real RMS partner) could send me this guide and/or an RMS manual
so that I could see what this product is capable of, I’d really appreciate
it. Specifically, I'd like to know that it can be extended to my businesses
needs, at present and down the road.
It seems so 1990’s of Microsoft to limit their product information this way.
How do people buy things blindly these days? Especially a major product like
Plus, what's the latest status for the release of the new version of RMS and

I’d appreciate the guide/manual or any other info that is more specific than
the demo (infomercial) on the Microsoft website.
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Hi Al - actually, the help is free......

My recommendation is to engage an RMS-certified partner that will help you
determine if RMS is the right fit for you - today and down the road.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of add-ons and customizations developed
by some pretty nifty companies. Restaurant-style interfaces for POS, rental
modules, customer loyalty programs, data import tools, promo modules, etc.

RMS does a lot of good things out of the box (mix and match, buy x get y
discounts - the best I've seen) - but it has some weaknesses (no built-in
report writer, no built-in receipt designer, you can't assign a maximum
discount either at the user level or at a security level) - maybe version 3
will address these, maybe it won't. You need to ask yourself, are the
software's weaknesses show-stoppers? If you are familiar (or have the time
to learn) some basic SQL and XML then no, you (and your RMS partner which I
recommend you engage) will be able to come up with the reports and receipt
designs that you need.

Call a RMS partner and have them come in and demo the software - its free -
and if it's not, call another RMS partner. (I have yet to run into a partner
that charges for demoeing the software) -

Good luck with your search -

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