Help in choosing accounting software



I am looking into the notion of opening my own business in the new
year in Alberta Canada. I am having a hard time determining which
accounting software will work best for me. It is a retail store that
will sell both new and used goods. I will be buying used equipment
from customers, therefore need to track these transactions as well as
inventory. I have been looking at simply accounting as well as Quick
books. Does anyone have any opinions on which might work better for
my application.

Any help is GREATLY apprecitated!!





I would recommend that you take a look at Vigilant POS -

It is probably a little more expensive than Simply Acctg or Quick Books, but
is a much more mature POS application with features that you might need in
your business.
There is nothing worse than trying to run a business with inadequate
software. Although, thousands do it and it costs them a lot of money in
higher operation costs and lost sales. Cheap software is usually a false


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