HELP - Quickbooks 6 R5 update


Nick Danson

I know I should upgrade but Quickbooks 6.0 does the job and I'm happy with
it, BUT...

I've just had to reinstall the software on my computer and because Intuit
have now stopped supporting Quickbooks 6.0 the Online update doesn't work,
and the ftp site to download the update is not available.

My Quickbooks databases have been upgraded when the previous installation
was updated so with the original install of QB6 I can't access my accounts
and I can't download the update.

If anyone has the update file (qbcdstd.exe) for Quickbooks standard I'd owe
you a big favour if you could email to me at (e-mail address removed)

Many thanks





That looks like the US edition.
Nick did not say, but I think he's looking for the UK edition.

While we're at it, what about the Canadian edition?


Oct 23, 2013
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Just a quick note, not sure if this will help you but if you have quickbooks 6 on another machine then simply copy the program folder files from another updated machine - inc the hidden ones - into the program folder you use for quickbooks, voila all files accessible.
This works for single user only though, multi user might have a problem with the serial but no harm in trying.
Even the printer still works and I have used this for win7 as the update, when it was available, did not recognise the progamsx86 route folder for updating the software.

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