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William M. VanDenburgh

I'm currently working on my tax dissertation proposal that
empirically examines the effects of the 1998 IRS Reform Act.
As part of research proposal, my committee wants me to
examine compliance data. I'm getting a lot of relevant data
from the IRS's SOI bulletins, IRS's annual data book,
Syracuse's TRAC data and Congressional reports. However, I
need a knowledgeable contact that can help me through this
mountain of data.

For example, the IRS Tax Compliance Activities report to
Congress (July 15, 2003) has data for FY1996 to FY2002.
Ideally, I could get this data back thru the 1980s for
long-term multi-year analyses.

Please help a desperate PhD candidate!

It is very positive karma to support academic research.


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