USA Help with real-estate cost basis, capital gains tax implications

Jul 2, 2018
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United States
I have a client who was a deeded a property through a quitclaim (gift) with another grantee as a common tenancy (no joint ownership or rights of survivor). The other grantee recently passed away. Their half of the interest is going to be probated and the client expects to inherit their share of the interest in the property
They want to crunch some numbers on their cost basis and profit or loss on the property:

Original cost of property: $194,208
Capital improvements: $6,100
FMV at the time of co-tenant death: $266,000
Outstanding mortgage: $45,516

The client would like to know what their cost basis would be, what their profit would be from the sale at FMV and whether its a capital gain or loss. Would there be any "step-up" in cost basis? If there is a capital gain, would they be responsibly for any capital gains taxes?

Thank you


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