I'm running Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 on Vista home basic. I recently
changed the computer registration name for security reasons. When I went to
open MOA 2009 afterwards it loaded as a brand new start up with the menu to
start a new company. I was able to start a new company in MOA 2009 and regain
the last backup file which was from december 2009 but it has no data from
this year at all, and only last years client list. No invoices, no expenses,
and no reports, etc. When I try to open my original business files from MOA
2009 it tells me that it cannot open because it was created on another
computer (because i changed my computer registration name). I tried going
back to the old computer name but it doesn't help. Is there any way I can get
my old MOA company running again so I dont lose half a years information?
Please respond in email because I found this site by accident and i'm not
sure if I can get back to it or navigate it correctly to view the responses.
Thanks. My email is (e-mail address removed)





You may just need to create a new launch file. Do the following, go to
Start|Programs| Microsoft Office | Office Accounting 2009 Tools | Data Tools
| Click Rebuild Company File.

This may take a few moments to populate; You should see your original
company database listed (as well as new one you created); Highlight company,
choose Rebuild and save to location you can easily locate.

Now launch MOA, if it launches directly into the company you just created;
then go to File \ close Company. Now choose to open an Existing company,
path out to the file you rebuilt and then launch.

hopefully this helps...

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