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We have a customer that has a series of coffee shops. Some items are taxable
depending on whether the customer is eating in the store or taking it to go.
How can this be handled in RMS?

Thanks for your help!





You want to be able to have the option of being able to tax the item or
Can't you just check or uncheck the tax dialog button in the POS?


Yes, we could do that, but the customer is not that confident in their
cashiers. There could be 4 items in an order, and the tax on 3 of the items
might be dependent on whether or not the customer is eating in or taking his
items with him. The cashier has to know which items are always taxable, and
which are conditionally taxable, and then has to select or deselect the tax
field for possibly multiple items in a single transaction. You're just asking
for a lot of mistakes, I think, plus too much extra work. Any ideas?


Use the tax by customer option (Manager, File, Configuration, Sales Tax).
Set the walk-in customer tax group to the normal tax rate.
Create a To Go customer set to the non-taxable rate based on whatever you
decide to use for tax matching.
Assign an account code for the To Go customer so they appear at the top of
the customer list.
When you have a To Go order press F7 and select the To Go customer.
Everyone else gets the walk-in rate.

Greg Williams

This might double the size of your item table, but would make it easier on
the cashiers. Create two items for each item, example descriptions would be
Coffee Here and Coffee To Go. Maybe use a matrix item with one dimension
and two values -- here and to go.

Then the cashier would be prompted for which one to choose on each item.
Fairly dummy proof compared to choosing tax codes.

I haven't thought this through completely. There might be some holes,
especially if you are scanning items.

Ken Nelson


I believe Greg Williams is correct in steering you towards two items using a
matrix. Use a Lot Matrix for items such as this. If you give your LM (Lot
Matrix) an Item Lookup Code of COFFEE and add COFFEE HERE and COFFEE TO GO
to this LM then you'll be set.

Every time a cashier types COFFEE they will be prompted to choose which one.
But they must be trained to watch the screen. RMS allows them to leave this
dialogue box without choosing or inadvertently choosing the wrong one.

This has worked for us on many items sold taxable or non-taxable.

Ken Nelson



Public POS

is correct in steering you towards two items using a matrix.

That's too complicated and prone to errors.
Think about it. What's the first thing a cashier/server asks someone buying
products like this?
"Is this for here or to go?".

Set it up like the first Greg and if the customer says "To go" press F7,
Enter and you are done with it.
Plus you'll also have an easy way to track your To Go sales.

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