Hiding Accounts in Money 2003



Is there any way to hide an account in Money 2003? I'm trying to
control my spending a little by allowing my direct deposit hourly wages
to go into one checking account, while I deposit tips into a different
account. I'd like to hide my hourly wage account from the list of bank
accounts on the Account List page.

Out of sight, out of mind.

I usually look at the bottom line. If I see $1500 there, I think to
myself, "Oh wow. I think I'll go to the movies". Of course, $1450 of
that might be in my wage account, leaving only $50 in my tip account.

Thanks for any help,



Dick Watson

I know exactly what you want. I'm telling you the only way I know to get
where you want to get. Closing it will prevent approximately nothing but
visibility to the account. (It may prevent automatic statement downloads, I
know not.) You can still enter transactions involving a closed account. You
just won't see it in, say, the pulldowns for a Transfer.

Notice that nobody else had a better solution.




Make sure that this account is not part of your budget. Then just use
the Budget to display your Actual amount available. You will not see
the money from any account you do not include in budget.

This will accomplish what you want very easily.

I do the exact same thing with a couple of my savings accounts.

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