John Baker

A man was enjoying the long way home in his new car, when he noticed the car was wobbling to one side. He pulled over and got out, only to find his passenger side rear tire was flat. Going into the trunk he found a jack and a spare. After taking the flat off, he placed the lug nuts in the hubcap, reached for the spare and started to mound it when he accidentally knocked the hubcap over, spilling the lug nuts into a street grate. As he looked into the hole, a man standing just a few feet from the curb, on the other side of an iron fence, just stood there and smiled at him. On the iron fence was a sign that said, " State Insane Asylum."
The man paid little attention to the smiling man, reached for his cell phone and started to call for road service. The man behind the fence keep on whispering.."pisst….pisst...pisst...hey... come here....". So the driver covered his cellphone and said to the man, "do you mind, I'm on the phone?"
The man behind the iron fence pointed to the tire and said.. " why don't you just take one lug nut off every other wheel, and use it on that new tire?"
He then went on to say.. " I'm in here cause I'm crazy, not stupid."

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