Hosted SQL Server



It seems that you should be able to rent an internet based SQL Server
instance from one of the many providers (looks like $20 to $25 per month).
Then, you could point multiple copies of SBA from computers around the
internet to that instance of SQL Server (using ODBC?). That way, you would
have multi-user functionality without having to have a particular server
computer turned on all the time and without having to have a VPN set up
across the internet.

Any thoughts? Has anybody tried this? Does anybody know of a hosting
service that would support SBA other than the web hosters?

Microsoft: I need multi-user functionality across the internet.




Hmm, seems like that would be excruciatingly slow. I don't think I would
even do it through a vpn but more so Remote Desktop in or TS into a local
machine to run it.

As for the providers, first they would have to install SBA to setup your
company. Then they'd have to look at opening up the port SBA instance uses.

As for you internaly, you might try configuring your firewall to forward the
traffic to your internal SBA machine but then I would imagine that the
traffic isn't too secure so you may be creating a security hole.

I would recommend listing what functionality you need out of SBA and then
look at creating a webservice that has direct access with your sba server.
Then create a business logic add on for the clients that communicates via the

Or possibly creating a web page which you could run over ssl and create
interfaces for the functionality you need.

Keep in mind though this is a $199 product that isn't made for everything.
To create something custom is going to cost $'s and you may be better off
looking into other products such as SBF or Great Plains that have more
built-in functionality.

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