How do I add my bank it is not in the list of banks to choose



I need to add my bank to list of banks. The bank that I use is not listed
and I want to be able to download my transactions. I know that they have
online services so I know that it is possible. I just have no idea of how to
add my bank to the list.



Pam Ammond

Please read the other posts in this Forum. Good luck "adding" your bank.
We all wish we could do that.

Probably you will want to get a group of businesses together and all
complain to the top bank management that the bank isn't on the list.

I haven't seen any details on exactly how a bank should add itself to the
list. Does anyone know? I'd like to email the directions to the banks in
Cleveland, OH.

Good luck!


You may be able to download the important information from your banks
website. It is a little bit frustrating that it's not automatic but it
doesn't take that long to download your account in MS Money format from the




Chris Schatte

To add:
This is a paste from a previous post on .ofx files:
Another way to get the .ofx file to save is to undo the application/extension
relationship of Money to the OFX extension. Open a Windows Explorer window,
click on Tools and pick Folder Options. Go to File Types.

Click on Change, uncheck the box "Always use the selected program to open
this kind of file." Say OK, then go to the Advanced and check "Confirm open
after download." This will allow you to either open or save the .ofx file to
wherever. You can then use the Import Bank File function in SBA and match
the transactions you already entered with the imported file.

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