how do i become an accountant

Apr 24, 2011
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hi guys i hope you can help me on this one .
heres some background im nearly 28 yrs old i want to become an accountant.
i have an b/c in english and c in maths gcse, ive completed an ITQ and a level 2 computerized bookkeeping in sage line 50.
i m just starting an ba honors degree in business/accountancy.
in year 1 i will complete a dasic bookkeeping and accountancy modual which ive confirmed with IAB that im except i think up to level 3 so i can apply for their diapolma in bookkeeping and reg as a member (not full member).
hopefully so good, so far right.
but eres the thing i can only do so many credits with open university per year so id have to do business lvel 2 / year 2 modual with financial accounting and wait to do mangerial accounting for the next year.
is it worth me homestudy a fast track aat level 2,3 or is a waste once i complete my degree? i see alot of ads for aat quilified???? also thinking is it worth doing home study sage payroll which is acredited by sage and aat? not sure what to do here ? level 2-3 aat is about £1,700 and sage payroll is £1,300 the money is not really a problem more of the point in making the right desicions. plz help im also wondering if its good to have a-level maths ? i also have no exprience in bookkeeping/accountancy.
thank you for yr time


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