How do I delete unwanted Word Templates?

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I have created several templates already. I'd like to delete the original
templates so as to make my selecting easier (less crowded). I used to do
this manually, but I can't remember the exact directory location of those
..DOC files.






My templates are stored here:
C:\documents and settings\all users\templates\office accounting
2007\templates\invoice for invoice templates.

I would make a new directory that you can find easy and copy the templates
to this directory in case you need to create your template again. I put mine
on CD to backup then deleted all the garbage.

If your templates are stored somewhere else, use OA2007 to modify a
template, save it with a weird name like zzz.doc and use Windows Explorer to
search for it. All the other templates will be in their respective folders,
invoice, purchase order etc.

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