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May 13, 2016
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United States
It was necessary to write 2 payroll checks to a person because one the first one was direct deposited to an account after she told us to change it. Once she got access to the account she wrote us a check and paid us back.

The problem is that now we have paid taxes for her twice and do not know how to do the journal entries to clear this up. Several ideas have been vetted, but we always end up with an issue that we can not figure out.

Idea 1: negative payroll check. Creating a negative check for the hours on the check backs out the taxes and clears, up most off the issues. The problem is we couldn't figure out how to offset the check she wrote us for the amount owed.

Idea 2: attempt to adjust the payroll check we already issued it and alter it into a cash advance. This would allow a receivable to be created, but it wouldn't clear up the taxes.

There were a few other ideas, but they seemed even more messy. Thanks.


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