How do i give a refund on customer credit card?



I have been processing my credit card orders through my office accounting
2008 pro but I cannot find out how to give a refund nor can I find a phone
number to call for the answer. I have attempted this several times over the
past year and a half and always end up giving up and sending a check for the
refund. I now have a customer that is addament abount getting a refund on
her credit card.







You say you are processing credit cards, by this do you mean you signed up
to for the Credit Card service in Office Accounting? If so, they do
provide a pretty straight forward way to issue a refund:

1. Open the Customer Refund window, select Online Credit Card as the
payment method, and then click Issue Payment. A Windows Live window will
open, enter your credentials and then click Sign In.

2. The credit card processing refund window will appear populated with the
dollar amount and customer information from the Customer refund window.
Click Next to process the refund.

Note: If PayPal is the merchant provider, a Select Refund Transaction
window will appear. PayPal requires you to match the refund to an existing
transaction that was processed within MOA. After selecting the appropriate
transaction, under the heading Actions, click Refund. You must select a
transaction whose Amount left to refund is equal to or greater than the
refund amount.

3. After clicking Refund, you will be placed back at the refund processing
window. Click Next to proceed.

4. An Authorization Approved or Declined window will appear. Click Next to

Note: If you click Cancel, or the refund authorization fails, MOA will
still record a refund and apply a credit against the customer invoice. You
will need to manually void the credit within MOA. The customer's credit
card account will not receive the credit.

5. If the transaction is approved, you can print a receipt by clicking the
Print Receipt button.

If you are not using Credit Card Processing, If you go to Help and about
this window; choose to do a search and type in Refund; they do provide a
topic on credit card refunds.


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