how do i make it work



I had an old computer about 5 yrs ago that had microsoft
money on it..I used it and then about a year ago I
purchased a new computer which at that time came with the
quicken program instead of microsoft money...back then
you helped me transfer the quicken program to microsoft
money so that I could continue to use my accounts...I now
have the same problem...We had to do a system recovery
and I have lost my microsoft money program...once again
it is quicken which I do not want...I have backed up my
microsoft money to floppy disks...but I once again need
to know how to get the money program back and I also need
to know how to open my floppy disks with my backups on I guess what I am asking is that you help me to
swith quicken to microsoft money so I am able to continue
with my records...they date back to 1997 and have all of
my checking account information on them and i can not
afford to lose them and it is way to much to start over
with quicken..Thank you for your help...Barb..also is
there a way to find out what year i was running my
microsoft money not sure if its 2000 or 2002


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